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Jochael is AMAZING! She is so sweet, asks lots of questions to ensure you get exactly what you want and is really helpful in aftercare. I have gotten more compliments on my lashes recently because of her work. The only downside has been that when I'm out of town (outside of California) I can't refer people to her and they're super bummed because they want the same lashes I have!

Ariel S, Eyelash Extension Client

Jochael is amazing! I love my lash lift! I've gotten lash extensions done in L.A. but wanted to try getting a lift and she did a wonderful job. It took about 45 minutes but it honestly felt like 20. Her space is decorated super cute and welcoming. She answered all my questions and kept updating me while working so I knew what was happening. I have no irritations or redness so everything's going really smoothly! Definitely will come back for a touch up lift.

I went to Jochael last month to get lash extensions for a trip to Cancun. Needless to say the lashes lasted the whole trip through snorkeling, cliff diving, zip lining, and more. Jochael listened to my wants and concerns and delivered me with lashes that I loved and I will be back again when I need a refill.

Mirene P, Eyelash Extension Client

Jehan K, Lash Lift Client

I had my  lashes done my Jochael today and I am so happy with them. I got them done by someone else and wasn't the happiest. They looked pretty sparse and the length and style was off from what I had requested. I talked to Jochael prior to the appointment and told her exactly what I was hoping for. 1.5 hours later, she did exactly what I had asked for and prior to that, really took the time to evaluate my eyes, eye shape, eyelids, etc. she made sure even with what I asked for, it would work and how to make it work the way I had hoped for. She was so friendly and we chat the whole time. Really enjoyed getting my lashes done by her and would return over and over. I'd definitely recommend her as well to anyone.

Jochael impressed the heck out of me for sure. I appreciate her honesty and knowledge; she carefully removed lashes that were over glued by a different stylist and instead of bashing the stylist she educated me on what to expect with lashes when applied correctly.  She was very professional, experienced, and thorough. I got a classic set and very happy with both my experience and lashes.  
Definitely booking my fill with her!

Tiana S, Eyelash Extension Client

Jinna K, Eyelash Extension Client



Phenix Salon Suites Mira Mesa

8160 Mira Mesa Blvd, Suite #120

San Diego, CA 92126



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